Allus accredited Gold Caps 2020-24

Following our recent submission, Allus is yet again an accredited Gold CAPS club. This prestigious accreditation is only given to clubs who can demonstrate that they are offering a great quality of netball provision within their community.

Thanks from everyone at the club to Helen who has worked tirelessly on this submission.


CAPS has three levels of accreditation: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze is the first level, incorporating the Clubmark criteria covering the areas of safeguarding and protecting children and young people, quality coaching and officiating, competition, talent development, sports equity and good management.

Silver and Gold are about demonstrating further quality across the areas of coaching, officiating, and developing volunteers. If you achieve Silver or Gold, you are demonstrating that you have met the minimum operating standards required for Clubmark but have also demonstrated a further commitment to ensuring a club environment which provides a higher quality of coaching, officiating, leadership and volunteering opportunities for the young people at your club.

For more information visit the England Netball web site.