Code of conduct: Athletes
  • Players understand that they will not play in every match or every quarter
  • Players understand that positional changes and court time are at the discretion of the coach
  • Players understand changes made by coaches are for the aims of the team
  • Players aim to win their matches/leagues/tournaments
  • Players will not abuse umpires, coaches, team members, spectators or any member of the opposition
  • Players will play within the rules and spirit of the game
  • Players understand if they do not attend training they will not play
  • Players must notify the coach and their captain if they cannot attend events
  • Players must bring subs to matches and to training in the first 2 weeks of the term
  • Players must always shake hands with the opposition at the end of matches
  • Players must wear the appropriate kit to training and matches
  • Players must not use inappropriate language
  • Players understand that a display of negative behaviour can result in them being removed from the game and court by an umpire or coach
  • Players must  display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat
  • Players must always be positive to teammates
  • Players will always try their best
Code of conduct: Spectators and parents

Spectators and parents will…

  • be positive on the sideline and will refrain from shouting at players
  • refrain from shouting at the other team
  • understand that court-time and positions for players is at the coach’s discretion
  • encourage players to play within the rules and the spirit of the game

Spectators and parents will not…

  • approach the coach and/or umpire during a game
  • approach the coach and/or umpire in front of players
  • force their or other’s children to participate against their will
  • use inappropriate language at any time
  • arrive at a netball event (i.e. training, matches, tournaments) under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • use any form of social media to bring the game into disrepute or make an inappropriate comment about an athlete, coach, official, volunteer or England Netball
  • shout abuse at Allus coaches, umpires and coaches of other teams

Spectators and parents understand that in the event of negative behaviour (as listed above) they can be banished from the courts by an umpire

Code of conduct: Coaches and volunteers

Coaches will…

  • respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people involved in netball, regardless of gender, marital status, race, colour, disability, sexuality, age, occupation, religion or political opinion
  • not abuse or misuse any relationship of trust or position of power or influence held by me within my Team, Club, League, County, Regional or National Association
  • always conduct myself in an appropriate manner
  • treat all athletes, Coaches and Officials with respect, never bully or take unfair advantage
  • control my temper; I understand that verbal, emotional, and physical abuse of coaches, athletes, spectators, or other officials is not acceptable or permitted behaviour in netball
  • be a positive role model for netball by acting in a way that projects a positive image of coaching and being fair, considerate and honest with athletes
  • display high standards in my language, manner, punctuality, preparation and presentation ensuring that an athlete’s time spent with me is a positive experience
  • provide athletes with planned and structured training programmes appropriate to their needs and goals, ensuring equal attention and opportunities are available to all
  • keep up to date with the latest coaching practice and developments by taking up further coach education and other personal and professional development opportunities
  • ensure that the training and/or competition environment is safe and appropriate for the age, physical and emotional maturity, experience and ability of the athletes
  • provide a modified training programme for sick and injured athletes and encourage them to seek medical advice where required
  • exercise reasonable care and skill when carrying out my duties
  • comply with all anti-doping policies and regulations
  • abide by the “safeguarding best practice guidelines” for children and young people

Coaches will not…

  • consume alcoholic drinks or illegal substances or smoke around athletes
  • wager on any match or at any event where I am coaching
  • offer or attempt to offer, or accept either directly or indirectly, any consideration whatsoever with a view to influencing the result of any match
  • disclose any confidential information relating to athletes without their prior consent
  • use Social Media technology to bring the game into disrepute or make an inappropriate comment about a fellow Coach, athlete, Official, volunteer or England Netball