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U14 Teams 2016/17 Season

Category: U14 Teams 2016/17

U14 Teams:

After reviewing the high standard at trials last week and reviewing the needs of each individual player we are delighted to announce the U14 teams for 2016/17 season. Those players in the U14a category will train on a Thursday 7pm-8pm and compete in Humberside’s Winter Junior League division 1. Those selected into U14b will train on a Wednesday 5pm-7pm and compete in Humberside’s Winter Junior League division 2. Some players in U14b may also be asked to be a training partner and train on both a Wednesday with their own team and a Thursday with U14a. This players are marked below with a *.

These positions and teams are not set and, instead, form a fluid process. If players fail to attend training or matches or other players are working hard and deserve a place, teams may be changed.

U14a Georgia Cuthbert, Abbie Cohen, Katie Kelly, Leonora Brittain, Sophie Madin, Nakeisha Barber-Kelly, Sally Roach, Maisie Jordan, Lily Ashford, Mia Sutcliffe, Lauren Dickson.

Sunday 25th September- 10.00am @ Sirius West
Sunday 16th October- 10.00am @ Hull FC Sports Centre
Sunday 13th November- 9.00am @ Sirius West
Sunday 20th November- 9.00am @ Sirius West

Thursdays 7pm-8pm @ Longcroft
Coach: Helen


U14b Hannah Wright*, Iris Binnington, Emily Cooke*, Hannah Gouldthorpe*, Hannah Duncan*, Fleur Young*, Imogen Weston, Molly Lines, Abbie Darwell, Freya Pritchard, Hannah Caley, Jasmine Carter, Rebecca Herring. 

Sunday 18th September- 9.00am @ Sirius North
Sunday 25th September- 1.30pm-5.30pm @ Leven Sports Centre (Whitecross Tournament)
Sunday 9th October- 10.00am @ Sirius West
Sunday 23rd October- 9.00am @ Sirius West
Sunday 6th November- 9.00am @ Hull FC Sports Centre
Sunday 27th November- 9.00am @ Sirius West
Sunday 4th December- 10.00am @ Sirius West

Wednesdays 5pm-6pm @ Longcroft
Coaches: Laura and Anna


Any issues please contact either Laura, Anna or Helen.

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