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…our new mascot

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Charlotte Morrell

…for winning our competition to name the Allus Hi5 Mascot!
She has won an Allus Hoodie

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June Hi5’s Wordsearch

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…can you complete this months wordsearch???

Simply click on the first letter and drag the cursor over to the last letter.


(sorry – not compatible with mobile devices, play on a PC/laptop/Mac)


Hidden Words

Puzzle by


…did you enjoy the wordsearch? re-visit this page and the letters will change order to play again!

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Competition time, what’s my name???

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Hi, i’m your new Hi5 Allus mascot, have you entered the competition to give me a name???

Please hand your entry form to one of the Allus Coaches, or email your suggestion here




High 5 rules

Unsure of some of the rules of the game? Read & learn the basics below…


When you catch the ball you can make two steps. The first foot you put on the floor is your landing foot and must stay still! The second foot you put on the floor can be used to pivot. You can also land on two feet and choose which foot is your landing foot and which to pivot with but as soon as you make the decision you can’t change your mind.

Held Ball

You can’t hold the ball for longer than 4 seconds or else it will be a free pass to the other team from where you had it!


If you touch a player and it affects the way they play then it is contact and a penalty will be given against you.


A player cannot go anywhere their position doesn’t allow or catch the ball off the court, this is offside and the ball will go to the other team.


When the ball goes off the court, the team who didn’t touch it last will get to throw it in from where it went off the court. Make sure your foot is behind the line though, or else it is a foul throw.

Toss Up

If two players go for the same ball at the same time, or both touch it when it goes off the court, the umpire will do a toss up to see whose ball it is.


When a player catches the ball, a defender must be 1m away from them and can jump once to intercept the ball.


 A penalty is given if a player contacts or obstructs and is where the player who contacted/obstructed stands next to the player they did it to whilst they have a free pass.

Court Layout

…still unsure??? Then ask Jennie, Helen or Sue who will be only too pleased to answer any questions you may have to help you become a better Allus player.

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H5 Junior League

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Each year Humberside County Netball Association  hold a junior league in which clubs play other clubs over an 8 week period. This will be held at Wolfreton Upper School, Kirkella on a Thursday night, beginning on 2nd May and concluding on 27th June (excluding half term week). Girls are asked to arrive for 5.30pm on the outdoor courts, where they will play 2 matches per night, finishing at approximately 7.00pm.

All girls must ensure they have short fingernails, hair tied back, appropriate footwear and fluids. If you cannot attend any week for any reason or are going to be late, please contact me on 07908921450 or see me at training. Girls are permitted to wear a white polo shirt and black shorts/skirt. There are two weeks in which there are no matches, however older teams will be playing that night and we implore players to support them and see what they can learn from watching.

Date Court Team
02/05/13 24 Reckitts Bonjela
Reckitts Strepsils
09/05/13 33 Goole Galaxy
White Cross Orange
16/05/13 No Matches This Week
23/05/13 23 Wilberforce Robins
Chevrons White
06/06/13 33 Chevrons Red
13/06/13 No Matches This Week
20/06/13 33 Chevrons BlueWhite Cross Blue
27/06/13 55 Wilberforce Wrens
Goole Starlights
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