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County Academy

Anna Blake
Lily Toffolo
Leia Cole


Satellite Academy

Laura Kelly
Evie Moy
Evie Edwards
Lucy Norton
Lucie Maull
Mia Cunliffe
Lucy Moir
Sophie Miller
Autumn Johnson
Emilie Kelly
Bella Brittain
Lucy McConnell


Affiliation Fees:

If you have been accepted into an academy (satellite, county or region), will be a part of the regional U14 team or will be playing in a senior team you have to be affiliated. Affiliations only cover you for a year and therefore need to be renewed or initiated by the 31st August 2014. The only person who can renew your affiliations or affiliate you for the first time is your club secretary. For Allus this is Jennie Simmons.

If you have previously affiliated then you will only need to send payment (cheques made payable to Allus NC). If you have not previously affiliated you will need to complete the affiliation form and send with payment.


Everything must be sent to Jennie at this address:

5 Setterwood Garth
East Yorkshire
HU10 6AT

Affiliation Prices 2014/15 season:

U11: £6.20
U14: £13.60
U18: £25.35
Over 18: £36.90

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