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U14 Teams 2016/17 Season

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U14 Teams:

After reviewing the high standard at trials last week and reviewing the needs of each individual player we are delighted to announce the U14 teams for 2016/17 season. Those players in the U14a category will train on a Thursday 7pm-8pm and compete in Humberside’s Winter Junior League division 1. Those selected into U14b will train on a Wednesday 5pm-7pm and compete in Humberside’s Winter Junior League division 2. Some players in U14b may also be asked to be a training partner and train on both a Wednesday with their own team and a Thursday with U14a. This players are marked below with a *.

These positions and teams are not set and, instead, form a fluid process. If players fail to attend training or matches or other players are working hard and deserve a place, teams may be changed.

U14a Georgia Cuthbert, Abbie Cohen, Katie Kelly, Leonora Brittain, Sophie Madin, Nakeisha Barber-Kelly, Sally Roach, Maisie Jordan, Lily Ashford, Mia Sutcliffe, Lauren Dickson.

Sunday 25th September- 10.00am @ Sirius West
Sunday 16th October- 10.00am @ Hull FC Sports Centre
Sunday 13th November- 9.00am @ Sirius West
Sunday 20th November- 9.00am @ Sirius West

Thursdays 7pm-8pm @ Longcroft
Coach: Helen


U14b Hannah Wright*, Iris Binnington, Emily Cooke*, Hannah Gouldthorpe*, Hannah Duncan*, Fleur Young*, Imogen Weston, Molly Lines, Abbie Darwell, Freya Pritchard, Hannah Caley, Jasmine Carter, Rebecca Herring. 

Sunday 18th September- 9.00am @ Sirius North
Sunday 25th September- 1.30pm-5.30pm @ Leven Sports Centre (Whitecross Tournament)
Sunday 9th October- 10.00am @ Sirius West
Sunday 23rd October- 9.00am @ Sirius West
Sunday 6th November- 9.00am @ Hull FC Sports Centre
Sunday 27th November- 9.00am @ Sirius West
Sunday 4th December- 10.00am @ Sirius West

Wednesdays 5pm-6pm @ Longcroft
Coaches: Laura and Anna


Any issues please contact either Laura, Anna or Helen.

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Category: Academys

County Academy

Anna Blake
Lily Toffolo
Leia Cole


Satellite Academy

Laura Kelly
Evie Moy
Evie Edwards
Lucy Norton
Lucie Maull
Mia Cunliffe
Lucy Moir
Sophie Miller
Autumn Johnson
Emilie Kelly
Bella Brittain
Lucy McConnell


Affiliation Fees:

If you have been accepted into an academy (satellite, county or region), will be a part of the regional U14 team or will be playing in a senior team you have to be affiliated. Affiliations only cover you for a year and therefore need to be renewed or initiated by the 31st August 2014. The only person who can renew your affiliations or affiliate you for the first time is your club secretary. For Allus this is Jennie Simmons.

If you have previously affiliated then you will only need to send payment (cheques made payable to Allus NC). If you have not previously affiliated you will need to complete the affiliation form and send with payment.


Everything must be sent to Jennie at this address:

5 Setterwood Garth
East Yorkshire
HU10 6AT

Affiliation Prices 2014/15 season:

U11: £6.20
U14: £13.60
U18: £25.35
Over 18: £36.90

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Seniors White

Category: Seniors White


(updated July 2015)

Evie Edwards

Emily-Rose Kelly

Ellie Dixon

Maisie Jordan

Autumn Johnson

Lucy McConnell

Leonora Brittain

Ruva Zvaraya

Lily Ashford

Hannah Gouldthorpe

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Seniors Green

Category: Seniors Green


(updated July 2016)

Lucy Norton

Annie Ashford

Lucy Moir

Abbie Cohen

Katie Kelly

Nakisha Barber-Kelly

Georgia Cuthbert

Sally Roach

Erin McCabe

Sophie Madin


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Seniors Black

Category: Seniors Black


(updated July 2016)

Helen Smith

Jennie Simmons

Bella Brittain

Evie Moy

Alice Oakley

Laura Kelly

Lucie Maull

Anna Blake

Charlie Harrison

Rachel Wilson

Lily Toffolo

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…our new mascot

Category: Hi5 Juniors



Charlotte Morrell

…for winning our competition to name the Allus Hi5 Mascot!
She has won an Allus Hoodie

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