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Match Report Allus U19


Allus U19 squad, battled their way through the Humberside U19’s regional play offs to victory. The cold Saturday morning held at Longcroft School began with Allus vs Whitecross. Shooters Leia Cole and Charlotte Moy worked as a solid unit to put Allus on the front foot from game one. The match finished 20-5 to Allus.
The second victory of the day for Allus came against Kingston, which finished 28-8. Accurate shooting alongside the support of the centre court players Charlie Harrison, Anna Blake, Charlotte Collishaw and Lily Toffolo resulted in an Allus lead. They moved the ball swiftly up the court and made some tremendous key interceptions. Younger members of the squad coming on as substitutes Lucie Maull, Laura Kelly, Evie Moy and Izzy Skeates made a great impact to the play, making it difficult for the opposition.
The final encounter was against Chevrons, the clubs closest rivals. From the onset, the game was nail biting for spectators. Allus continued to show great team spirit and determination with strong team work by defenders Rachel Wilson and Alice Oakley resulting in many turnovers. As the clock ticked the score stood at 13-12 to Chevrons, however, a goal scored by Leia Cole in the dying seconds levelled the game up to end the game as a 13-13 draw. Allus were named winners of the Tournament and go through in 1st place.
The girls will now travel to South Yorkshire where they will play in the Regional final of the U19’s Tournament on 10th May at the EIS in Sheffield.

Written by Captain– Charlie Harrison




Round 7

Match Report Allus U16 V Sheffield Stormers

The final match of the Yorkshire Regional League saw Allus take on Sheffield Stormers. All players embraced the court with confidence which was clearly shown in the first quarter. There was a good effort all round from defence to attack. Alice Oakley, Alice Porter and Hannah Porter worked together as the defensive unit in order to prevent Stormers from scoring. At the alternative end, Leia Cole and Anna Blake shot successfully. Izzy Skeates and Charlotte Collishaw worked well together in order to get the ball to the shooting semi-circle. The first quarter ended 16-4, a fantastic start. The second quarter began with Stormers scoring a couple of times. This immediately shook the confidence of Allus. Things did not go right for Allus during that quarter as we were not dominating the court. As a consequence, Stormers scored more.

At half time, Georgia Coates came on to play WD and Lily Toffolo to WA. The pair immediately got stuck into their play which benefitted the court. Although, Stormers continued to score like in the second quarter. Allus had clearly upped their game which was shown in the increase of intensity. The fourth quarter saw determination from Allus. Even though there were some mistakes, an interception was made by a player so the ball could be taken down the court again. Within each unit, there was clear teamwork shown which made it easier for a person to get into a suitable space. The game ended with a score of 46-28, a fourth win for Allus in the season!

All in all, Allus ended up in 4th place in the Regional League, making this under 16 squad the record for Allus. Leeds Athletic and Huddersfield Giants qualified as 1st place and 2nd so they made their way through to the national finals.

Captain’s Player of the Match: Georgia Coates


Match Report Allus U14 V Sheffield Stormers

Allus had a successful final game, despite only going with a small squad. The team played Sheffield stormers at York university campus. The shooting was strong and steady throughout all four quarters thanks to Lucy Norton and Mia Cunliffe and with a tremendous team effort, the first quarter ended on 15-1.

The control over the entire game was held together by Evie Moy and Lauren Johnstone; despite Evie enduring an injury to her left hand (which resulted in a broken finger!) in the second quarter. The score at the end of the 2nd quarter ended 25-2.

Defence played an important part and prevented Sheffield attempting at goal. Erin McCabe and Lucie Maull worked well together and there confidence grew throughout the match. Autumn Johnson showed her superb defensive skills throughout the game, and the team were thankful for her contribution. The scored at the end of the third quarter came to 42-3.

In the final quarter a substitution was necessary due to the continuing injury to Evie. Katie Kelly stepped up to the mark as WA, taking Lauren to C. The whole squad played exceptionally well together, with the final score at 53-8.

This huge final game allowed the Allus U14 squad to make the top 4 in the rankings, which is the highest any Allus U14 team had achieved before.

Captains Player: Evie Moy
Coaches Player: Lucie Maull


Round 6

Match Report Allus U16 V Huddersfield Giants

This Sunday, Allus played Huddersfield Giants in the penultimate match of the Yorkshire Regional league. Allus began with a flying start, confidence was high within the team and the game flowed well. Teamwork between each unit was clear and the quarter was constant in the sense of who scored. Alice Oakley and Alice Porter made some strong interceptions in the defensive circle which prevented Giants from scoring. Lily Toffolo and Charlotte Collishaw made sure that they were on the edge of the circle to feed the ball into shooters Leia Cole and Anna Blake. Although, the second quarter did not remain like this. Confidence decreased and there were no distinct spaces for players to drive into. Consequently, many interceptions by Giants were made. The accuracy of passes was not the best which also caused for interceptions.

The third quarter saw changes to Allus. Alice Porter moved to GA and Georgia Coates moved to GK. Hannah Porter and Izzy Skeates came on as WD and WA. New legs brought more confidence to the team as the quarter began well. However, a series of lower passes brought the level of the game down.  In the fourth quarter, Alice Oakley and Georgia Coates swapped positions and Anna Blake came on as WA. Confidence in Huddersfield’s players lowered after interceptions by Allus and being pulled up by the umpires. Allus used this to advantage; Hannah Porter, Georgia Coates and Charlotte Collishaw brought the ball down the court and feeding the circle was accurate. This game of confidence ended with a Giants win with a score of 34-28.

Captain’s player of the match: Alice Oakley
Coaches player of the match: Georgia Coates


Match Report Allus U14 V Wakefield Wildcats

This week saw Allus U14 take on Wakefield Wildcats for their 6th Regional Match at the EIS in Sheffield. The game began by both teams taking their own centre pass to goal. Allus’ confidence grew through the first quarter allowing them to gain turnover of the opponents centre. Accurate shooting from both Lucy Norton and Evie Moy in the circle against some tough defence allowed Allus to gain a small lead. The first quarter ended 7-4 to Allus.

After a strong start, no changes were made going into the second quarter. There was continued improvement in the centre passing, in particular between Lucy Moir and Lucie Maull, this combined with speed, determined and skill from the whole team resulted in the second quarter finishing 14-8 to Allus.

After a strong first half, changes were made to centre court. Lauren Johnstone came on as WA and Evie Edwards as WD both initially making an impact in attack and defence. However, as the quarter progressed, Wakefield Wildcats caused Allus some problems in through-court play, back line passing and resulted in the attack making mistakes. The third quarter saw Wakefield Wildcats narrow the gap to 4 points ending Allus 18 and Wakefield 14.

Quarter 4 saw Allus step up a gear. Bella Brittain took the transition to WD to WA in her stride playing both positions well. The defensive unit of Erin McCabe and Laura Kelly continued to give Wakefield Wildcats problems gaining intercepts and taking rebounds, and positioning in attack was effective. The whole team played exceptionally well together, and some strong play resulted in a well deserved win. Final score 25-17 to Allus.

Report by Laura Kelly, Under 14’s Captain
Captains player of the match: Evie Moy
Coaches player of the match: Laura Kelly


Round 5

Match Report Allus U14 V Chevrons

The 5th game of the U14 regional league saw Allus come up against Chevrons at Airco Arena. The starting seven was strong with the defence working hard. Allus had the first centre with Chevrons winning a quick turnover. Despite the turnover the defence kept strong. Lucy Moir as WA fed the circle well keeping the game moving. The first quarter ended with the score as 3-9 to Chevrons. After some changes with Laura Kelly (U14 Captain) moving to GS which gave the attack a new lease on the game, Evie Moy moved to GK, allowing the defence to switch around and keep them getting tips and interceptions. Bella Brittain (U14 Vice-Captain) had moved to WA and helped to give the shooters opportunities. The half time score ended as 7-22 to Chevrons.

By the 3rd quarter Allus were playing a game of catch up, but with Evie Edwards and Lauren Johnstone taking to court the team had some fresh legs. Lucie Maull made some clean interceptions which allowed the team to keep it moving down court where Lucy Norton was waiting anxiously to shoot. The third quarter finished 10-28 with Chevrons in the lead.

Going into the final quarter after a pep talk from the coach, Jennie Simmons, the team went on ready for the game. Erin McCabe kept strong, pulling in many interceptions working well as a part of the defensive unit. The team kept going and battled until the final blow of the whistle. The final score ended as 14-30, with Allus unlucky to score another goal for a point.

Chevrons seemed to be the stronger team on the day, but the team all took to the court and were sadly unable to beat Chevrons. Credit goes to the whole team who pulled together to give an active and able performance.

Report by Bella Brittain U14 Vice-Captain
Captains player: Erin McCabe & Evie Moy
Coaches player: Lucy Norton


Round 4

Match Report Allus U14 V Ripon Rockets

The fourth game of the regional league saw Allus meet Ripon Rockets. Both teams came out fighting, determined to take the lead. Evie Moy and Lucy Norton were served exceptionally well by the attacking unit, working the D and rotating resulted in high shooting accuracy. Quarter 1 ended 7-6 to Allus.

The second quarter began with the defensive unit dictating Ripons play. Erin McCabe gained intercepts and managed to get the ball away. Lucie Maull, Laura Kelly and Bella Brittain worked well together pushing Ripons players far side to gain turnover ball. Allus managed to score 3 goals to Ripons 1 in this quarter which was down to a full defensive effort. Quarter 2 ended with Allus stretching their lead to 3 goals at 10-7.

No changes were made going into quarter 3 and Ripon came back strong. However, there was some outstanding play from Lucy Moir who used the space well to direct play to the circle edge. The quarter ended 13-13.

Changes were made during the final quarter. Lauren Johnson and Evie Edwards were brought on to introduce more energy to the centre court, but unfortunately the shooting unit were unable to capitalise on their opportunities.
The game ended 22-15 to Ripon.

Laura Kelly, U14’s Captain
Captains player of the match: Erin McCabe
Coaches player of the match: Lucy Moir


Match Report Allus U16 V Sheffield Concord

Allus encountered Sheffield Concord this week at the fourth match for the regional league. The first quarter had its ups and downs, with the ball travelling down the court well however passes were letting us down. Players were stood behind their defenders so it made it hard for each individual to get free. When the second quarter began, Alice Porter dominated the defensive circle making it hard for the shooters to get in front. Alice Oakley and Charlotte Collishaw went for any interception they could, whilst Georgia Coates brought the ball down the court well. In attack, Leia Cole, Lily Toffolo and Anna Blake marked as defence well, preventing Concord from getting the ball. The score at half time was 20-10, a great lead for Allus.

In the third quarter, Hannah Porter came on as WD, everyone else stayed the same. Play continued like it was in the second quarter. Shooting by Leia Cole and Anna Blake was accurate almost every time whereas Concord lost their confidence and only scored 2 in the duration of that quarter. The fourth quarter started off not as well as the previous two, conceding 10 shots in the whole quarter. However Izzy Skeates played well at WA, making decisive moves and sending the ball down the court successfully. At the end of the match, the score was 44-22 to Allus, meaning a third victory for the team!

Report by Anna Blake
Coaches player of the match: Leia Cole
Captains player of the match: Leia Cole


Round 3

Match Report Allus U16 V York Spectrum

This weeks match saw Allus meet York Spectrum. The game began with both teams scoring although Allus soon took the lead. Izzy Skeates and Charlotte Collishaw fed the ball into the circle well, changing things when needed. This clearly fooled York’s defence as they were always expecting a high ball. Hannah Porter and Alice Oakley brought the ball down the court to the attackers, constantly appearing for a lateral pass. Alice Porter dominated the defensive circle, stopping the attack from trying to get in front of her. The score at half time was 23-9 to Allus.

In the third quarter, Lily Toffolo came on to play WA and Georgia Coates to play WD. They both immediately got stuck into the game. Throughout the match, shooting by Leia Cole and Anna Blake was accurate from everywhere in the circle, with only a few missed shots; a clear improvement from the last match. York Spectrum increased the intensity of their play in the last quarter as they began to score. They positioned themselves behind our attack so it became harder for us to move backwards. Alice Oakley went for any interception she could during the game, whether she got the ball or not. At the end of the match, the score was 40-20 meaning a 2nd victory for Allus. Bring on the next match!

Captain’s player of the match: Alice Oakley Coaches player of the match: Izzy Skeates


Match Report Allus U14 V York Spectrum

The 3rd game of the u14 Regional League saw Allus come up against York Spectrum at Barnsley College. York started strong in attack and defence taking an early lead. Allus struggled to settle and were constantly playing catch up. The first quarter ended 6-4.

The second quarter Allus tried to fight back but play was not clicking as it had in previous matches. Players lost lots of confidence in eachother causing a series of passing errors and held balls. This along with not been able to get the ball away from the back line and down court and into the shooting circle meant Allus went into half time still 2 points down. 12-10 to York.

Changes were made in the defensive unit and attacking unit trying out different combinations across court. However basic errors and mistakes were still been made and play was not fluid. Allus didn’t take advantage of Yorks mistakes, and failed to gain interceptions and pick up loose balls. This quarter ended with the result widening to 17-14 to York.

Even after further changes to the centre court Allus struggled to feed the circle, but even when they did they missed some shooting opportunities. Overall a poor performance against a team that wanted it more. The final result was 21-16 to York Spectrum.

Laura Kelly U14 Captain

Coaches player: Bella Brittain


Round 2

Match Report Allus U16 V Leeds Athletic

The second game of the U16 Regional League was against Leeds Athletic. The game began with a promising start with hard work from everyone. Alice Oakley showed determination on court throughout the match and Alice Porter bounced off her in defence. In attack, Izzy Skeates and Charlotte Collishaw worked well to try to feed the ball into Leia Cole and Anna Blake as shooters. Georgia Coates played well throughout the match, constantly making interceptions and moving around the court to get the ball.

At half time Lily Toffolo came on to play WA; and started by making sharp movements and decisions. There was a lack of confidence in Allus,although there was some good play. The strength of Leeds was shown as they made it hard for us to get the ball down to the shooters. In the final quarter, changes were made. Hannah Porter came on as WD and Alice Porter moved to GA, and Anna Blake to GS. Whilst confidence grew within the team, it was still a hard fight to win the ball. In the end, the score was 37-18 to Leeds, making Allus one shot away from gaining a point. Although we lost, a lot has been taken from the game which can only improve our play in time for the next match.

Captain’s player of the match: Alice Porter Coaches player of the match: Alice Porter


Match Report Allus U14 V Leeds Athletic

On the 11th January Allus u14 Regional team came face to face with Leeds Athletic at the EIS arena in Sheffield. Allus took to the court ready to fight as they knew this was the game that would test them. The starting 7 made a strong productive start, Erin McCabe made an impact in defence and enabled Reanna Wardill to send back line passes successfully down the court. Lucy Moir had an excellent start as WA working hard on the first phase centre pass. This combined with some exceptional shooting success from Evie Moy and Lucy Norton managed to hold Leeds Athletic to a 5-5 draw after the first quarter.

In the second quarter Lucie Maull as centre continued to link the attack and defence with her speed and her ability to jump, gaining interceptions. Introducing Bella Brittain as WD brought energy to the defensive unit. The second quarter finished with Leeds taking a slight lead, 14-10.

After a stern talking to by Allus u14s coach Jennie Simmons, Allus took to the court and stepped up a gear. In the third quarter there was some impressive through court play and the shooting unit continued to work hard to get the ball into the circle assisted by WA Lauren Johnstone, whose feeding from the edge of the circle was accurate and successful. This quarter ended 20-12 to Leeds.

Appropriate game changes were made at the beginning of the final quarter. Evie Moy took the transition from GS to WA in her stride allowing Mia Cunliffe to come on as GS who played the position exceptionally well. Laura Kelly played well in defence against a physical GA with both defenders taking re-bounds from the shooters. The end result was 25-15 to Leeds Athletic.

Leeds proved stronger on the day, and although not all players took to the court, all credit to an amazing performance from an Allus team which kept Leeds Athletic to single figures each quarter and never gave up!

Laura Kelly   U14 Captain

Captain’s player of the match: Lucie Maull Coach’s player of the match: Bella Brittain


Round 1

Match Report U16 Allus V Harrogate Phoenix

The opening regional match for the Allus Under 16 team was, like last year, against Harrogate Phoenix. Both teams began strongly, with many successful shots by the shooters. In defence, Alice Oakley and Georgia Coates made several interceptions which had a positive impact on the game. Height was used to our best advantage, with Leia Cole holding the GK with the assistance of Anna Blake. In the centre third, Charlotte Collishaw was always making herself available to get the ball (she even managed to do the splits); Hannah Porter and Lily Toffolo brought the ball through the court successfully too.

Alice Porter came on as WA at half time and immediately got stuck into the game. Alice Oakley did a great job at marking Phoenix’s GA, preventing her from getting the ball. In the end, the score was 47-24, a great victory for Allus to begin the league! It was the first match this specific team had played together and although not everyone played, it was a team effort with more wins to come!

Anna Blake

Captain’s player of the match: Charlotte Collishaw, Coach player of the match: Hannah Porter


Match Report Allus U14 V Sheffield Concord

 Allus u14s team met Sheffield Concord at Ponds Forge, Sheffield for their opening regional match. At 2 o’clock the match began with Allus settling quickly into the game. Lucy Norton and Evie Moy read well off each other in the shooting circle gaining a 8-3 lead after the first quarter.

With confidence high, Allus went into the second quarter showing determination with Lucie Maull and Lucy Moir continuing to release the ball to the shooters to gain goal after goal. This allowed Allus to go into half time with a 16-5 lead.

At half time Bella Brittain was introduced at WA which brought renewed energy to the game putting pressure on the defence. A continued tight defensive partnership from Reanna Wardill and Laura Kelly gained turnover ball, allowing the attack to pass fluidly down the court. Allus finished the third quarter with a 28-7 lead.

Changes were made in the final quarter, introducing fresh legs to the centre court. After taking a little time to settle, Allus began to get into a flow of catching and releasing the ball to one another. With strong back up options from defence, Evie Edwards and Erin McCabe, centre Lauren Johnstone was able to send some excellent centre passes allowing more options across the court.

This was a great team effort with all players taking to the court, resulting with a 38-18 win for Allus u14s first regional game.


Captain’s player of the match: Reanna Wardill Coach’s player of the match: Lucy Norton

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U16 Regional Fixtures 2014

Category: Regional Fixtures

U16 Regional Fixtures 2014

5 JanHarrogate PhoenixEnglish Institute of SportLOST 24-29
26 JanHuddersfield GiantsEnglish Institute of SportLOST 17-39
9 FebLeedsConcord Sports Centre SheffieldLOST 11-48
9 MarSheffield ConcordBonus ArenaWON 33-32
23 MarHi-LitesEnglish Institute of Sport1:30 pm
6 AprChevronsEnglish Institute of Sport4:40 pm
13 AprSheffield StormersEnglish Institute of Sport11:20 am

National Club Finals 24th & 25th May, Jean Brown Arena, Redbridge. Team finishing 1st & 2nd will go forward to these finals


9th March 2014

Allus (score 33 ) V Sheffield Concord (score 32)

This was the fourth round of the Regional League and on home ground!!
Again all players in the Allus U16 squad took the court and played their part in this match.
After the first quarter we were losing 11-6 but we looked at the opposition and rallied the team to make appropriate game changes. At half time we had made a slight indentation into their lead, ending 18-14.
In the third quarter there was some impressive through court play and the shooting unit of Charlotte Moy and Anna Blake worked hard to get the ball into the circle assisted by Alice Oakley and Charlotte Collishaw whose feeding the circle ‘from the edge!!’ was accurate and successful . Shooting averages of 80/85% respectively made an impact on the score after this quarter ending 24 all. The last quarter saw the Allus team dig deep, keep possession winning 33/32. A very well deserved win for Allus and the squad. The bench and I’m sure parents had tattered nerves after this game but were well impressed with the way the whole team responded.

Coaches player of the match – Alice Oakley
Captains Player of the match – Charlotte Moy


9th February 2014

Allus (score 11 ) V Leeds (score 48)

This was the third round of the Regional League and was played at the Sheffield Concorde Sports Centre.

Allus took the court ready to give 110% knowing that this game was going to test them and if they didn’t give 110% they wouldn’t get the delicious buns baked especially for them at the end!!

Even though this was a hard match we showed resilience in through-court play and our movement and positioning in attack in parts was outstanding. Rachel Wilson, Charlie Harrison, Alice Oakley and Francesca Savio made an impact in defence causing the shooters to make some mistakes and preventing balls being given over-head. Through-court play from Leeds was impressive but the Allus team made them work. Our shooting units made up of Anna Blake, Charlotte Moy and Molly Whincup and Laura Savio had above average shooting statistics but we struggled to feed the circle through relentless defence from Leeds. Mid Court saw an improvement in our centre passing with Charlotte Collishaw, Lily Tofollo and Elise Atkinson working hard on the 1st phase centre pass.

Leeds proved to be the faster and more accurate team on the day working well together but all credit to our players who never gave up.

The final score did not reflect the game and we were given much praise from the umpires for our efforts.

Well done girls you deserved your buns!!

Captains player of the match – Charlotte Collishaw
Coaches player of the match – Charlie Harrison


26th January 2014

Allus (score 17 ) V Huddersfield Giants (score 39)

On Sunday 26th January the Allus U16 squad attended the E.I.S Sheffield for their second match against the West Yorkshire, Huddersfield Giants.
Our starting seven made a good start and held Huddersfield at the first quarter to 6 Allus- 9 Huddersfield. Elise Atkinson, Amy McConnell and Lily Toffolo took to the court for the first time in the league and all played well. Lily Toffolo had an outstanding game as WA and left the WD standing. Rachel Wilson and Charlie Harrison played well in defence making interceptions and taking the rebounds from the shooters. Back-line passing was improved but still causes problems. Charlotte Moy and Anna Blake both played exceptionally well together and achieved 85% and 90% shooting success in the first 2 quarters.
In the second quarter, Charlotte Collishaw came on as C and Alice Oakley as WD both making an impact on the game and at half time the score stood at Allus 9- Giants 17.
Alice Oakley went to WA, Molly Whincup came on as Gs, Laura Savio as GA and Francesca Savio as WD in the 3rd quarter. Giants changed their team around and brought on different players in attack. We experienced some problems in through-court play and at the end of this quarter we were 10-29 down. Not perturbed we went on court for the last quarter with as much fight as we had at the start of the match. We saw some outstanding team-work, skilful play and true fighting spirit to end the match 17-39.
Although we lost this match, the score did not reflect the massive improvement in team-work, individual ability in speed and reaction time and the coaching staff were immensely proud of the team and their performance. There was outstanding play from Anna Blake and Charlotte Moy as shooters. Mid-court saw Alice Oakley take the transition from WD to WA in her stride and perform both positions exceptionally well, Charlotte Collishaw as C linked the attack and defence with speed and accurate passing and Lily Toffolo played with determination and skill. The defensive unit gave Giants most problems as they all kept attacking the ball to the very end.
Well Done girls – keep this game as a benchmark and lets move forward.

Captains player of the match – Rachel Wilson
Coaches player of the match – Lily Toffolo


5th January 2014

Allus (score 24 ) V Harrogate Pheonix (score 29)

This was the first of the U16 Regional League matches held at the EIS in Sheffield.
The Allus team started strongly with some resilient defending by all the team especially Rachel Wilson who was playing against Harrogate Pheonix tall goal shooter. Laura Savio and Molly Whincup played well in the circle against some tough defence. At quarter time Allus were leading 12-7. In the second quarter Harrogate came back to within 2 goals, with a score of 19-17. Allus’s through-court was strong but was coming under attack from Harrogate, there was some strong play from Charlotte Moy and Charlotte Collishaw backed up by Francesca Savio and Charlie Harrisson. Anna Blake came on as goal shooter and Alice Oakley as goal defence at half time and Harrogate changed the goal shooter to play goal keeper which gave us a few problems in the circle,but we kept the lead ending the 3rd quarter 22-19.
In the last quarter, Charlie Harrison came back on as goal keeper but Harrogate stepped up a gear and came back to win the match 29-24.
The Allus team, though disappointed with the result, will build on this match and are confident moving forward that they will not make the same mistakes and will be ready for the next match on the 26th January.

Coach player of the match – Rachel Wilson
Captain player of the match – Laura Savio



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