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U16 Regional Qualification 2017

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U16 Regional Qualification fixtures 2017

15 OctWhitecrossWinifred Holtby Academy9:00 am
22 OctChevronsWinifred Holtby Academy9:00 am
5 NovKingstonWinifred Holtby Academy10:15 am
19 NovReckittsWinifred Holtby Academy9:00 am
26 NovGooleWinifred Holtby Academy10:15 am
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U14 Regional Qualification 2017

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24 SepChevronsKingswood Academy9:00 am
15 OctReckitts CalgonWinifred Holtby Academy12:45 pm
22 OctKingston WildcatsWinifred Holtby Academy12:45 pm
5 NovChevronsWinifred Holtby Academy12:45 pm
19 NovReckitts CalgonWinifred Holtby Academy12:45 pm
26 NovKingston WildcatsWinifred Holtby Academy12:45 pm



24 SepGooleKingswood Academy11:30 am
15 OctReckitts GavisconKingswood Academy9:00 am
29 OctKingston VipersWinifred Holtby Academy12:45 pm
5 NovChevronsKingswood Academy11:30 am
12 NovMarket WeightonWinifred Holtby Academy11:30 am
19 NovWilberforceKingswood Academy9:00 am
3 DecWhitecross HeatwaveWinifred Holtby Academy10:15 am
10 DecWhitecross ThunderWinifred Holtby Academy11:30 am



DIVISION 1  Allus 25 – 25 Chevrons (5th Nov)

The match was a tremendously hard-fought battle where all members of the squad featured for at least one quarter, all contributing to the final score, The whole the squad showed real team spirit and never gave up.

Allus were behind for 3 of the 4 quarters- 5-7 in the first quarter, with Chevrons gradually increasing their lead to 15-10 in the second quarter. Allus never stopped fighting though, and heads never went down. The team believed that the win was possible and chased this at all times.

Allus were absolutely supreme in the final quarter, ultimately dominating it and closing the gap that Chevrons had managed to open up. Once again, the match was very exciting for the enthusiastic supporters and the whole squad.

Player of the match: Maisie


DIVISION 1  Allus 35 – 12 Reckitts (15th Oct)

A great performance by Allus, with all the squad taking to the court. Allus were ahead at the end of each quarter: 8-4 in the first quarter, 18-7 in the second, 28-11 in the third and 35-12 in the final quarter. Allus ultimately dominated the game, with Reckitts only able to score once in the final quarter. The team powered ahead, forcing errors from the opposition to take the victory. Well done to all the players- everyone played their part today!

Player of the match: Sally Roach


DIVISION 1  Allus 25 – 27 Chevrons (24th Sept)

Although the match ended in defeat, the match was a hard-fought battle and the players showed real heart and team spirit.

Allus were ahead for 3 of the 4 quarters- 9-4 in the first quarter, with Chevrons gradually closing the gap throughout the match. The starting line-up of Esme GS), Hannah Wright (GA), Jess (WA), Sally Roach (C), Maisie Jordan (WD-Capt), Lily Ashford (GD) and Lauren Dickson (GK) dominated the first 2 quarters with some terrific play and fantastic support from the squad on the side-lines. In the 3rd and 4th quarters, Phoebe (GA) made some great contributions.

The team ran out of steam slightly in the 4th quarter, making some errors when under pressure, enabling Chevrons to take the victory. However, the match was very exciting for the enthusiastic supporters and the whole squad.

Players of the match: Jess and Maisie

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Seniors BLACK Winter Fixtures 2017/18

Category: Seniors Black Fixtures

Seniors BLACK Winter Fixtures 2017/18

28 SepFalconsLongcroft8:00 pm
9 OctNeasden 1St Marys CollegeTBA
19 OctChevrons 3Longcroft8:00 pm
8 NovGoole HawksGoole Leisure Centre8:30 pm
13 NovHull UniversityHull University (Inside)6:30 pm
30 NovWilberforce RavensLongcroft8:00 pm
6 DecFalconsSt Marys College8:00 pm
11 JanNeasden 1Longcroft8:00 pm
17 JanChevrons 3Syrius Academy8:00 pm
1 FebGoole HawksLongcroft8:00 pm
8 FebHull UniversityLongcroft8:00 pm
28 FebWilberforce RavensWinifred Holtby AcademyTBA
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Seniors BLACK Summer Fixtures 2016

Category: Seniors Black Fixtures

Seniors BLACK Summer Fxtures 2016

13 JunWilberforce RavensWinifred Holtby Academy7:00 pm
15 JunReckittsSt Marys College7:00 pm
16 JunKingston1Longcroft8:00 pm
22 JunKingston 1South Hunsley7:00 pm
7 JulReckittsLongcroft8:00 pm

If you are unable to play any of the above fixtures, please let Denise know as soon as possible on 07951936067

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U12 Junior League & Training 2016

Category: U12 Fixtures


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Seniors White Winter Fixtures 2015/16

Category: Seniors White Fixtures

Seniors WHITE Winter Fxtures 2015/16

23 SepKingston SaphiresKingswood Academy7:00 pm
29 SepWhitecross WhiteLongcroft8:00 pm
6 OctBrid 2Longcroft8:00 pm
21 OctWilberforce JaysWinifred Holtby Academy7:00 pm
3 NovSegalsLongcroft8:00 pm
16 NovUni 4Hull University (Inside)8:00 pm
1 DecKingston SaphiresLongcroft8:00 pm
10 DecWhitecross WhiteKelvin Hall School8:00 pm
14 DecBrid 2Headlands School7:00 pm
19 JanWilberforce JaysLongcroft8:00 pm
25 JanSegalsTo Be ConfirmedTBA
9 FebUni 4Longcroft8:00 pm
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